I found myself questioning my own motives a lot recently.

“What do I want?” “How do I get there” I was throwing out the power words. I like to think of myself as being a very driven person, I have always wanted to achieve more. I want people to look at me with admiration and perhaps a little jealousy (who doesn’t want that?) and for them to think “She’s such a successful person”.

In the last few weeks, I wanted those power words to be “She’s such a successful blogger”. So naturally, I gave myself a focus to be better. To be successful.

No, this isn’t a post on being successful as a blogger, I’m not quite there yet.  Last night I found this question on Quora “In one word, what is the key to success in all aspects of life?“.

I found myself thinking about the word in a completely different way, realising only after I finished writing my entry what I was really trying to say to people, and to myself.

Organised desk what words describe success for meSo what word did I use to describe success in all aspects?


Realising that being successful comes in all forms.

You could be successful and unemployed if you’re success is in having happy healthy children who are achieving what they want in life and that’s what YOU want for them then that is a success.

I know your original question is about ‘all aspects’ of life but if you’re completely and utterly happy in life then isn’t that being successful in all aspects?

After finishing my brief answer I thought it’d be a good lesson for me to see how other people view the word ‘success’ in their own lives and their interpretation of it. Surprisingly enough there were a lot of people exclusively using ‘power’ words to describe what success was.

  • Determination
  • Habit
  • Motivation
  • Wealth

Whilst they’re all talking about what success was to them. They were also sharing to others that to be successful they needed to be in one frame of mind. Focused on achieving a goal. They were talking about success in monetary and powerful ways and barely anyone mentioned ‘true’ happiness as an answer or even hinted that they were already successful.

Of course, that warranted an additional response.

We really shouldn’t limit ourselves, especially not when the ultimate goal in life is to be happy. Isn’t it? We can’t take homes, jewellery or even memories with us when we die. So, why not just enjoy the moment we’re in, and every moment right until the end. That’s success for me and it should be a goal for everyone.

The image of Success

In just searching for an image for this post I had a certain image in mind that would portray a picture of ‘Succes’. I bet you had a picture for the word too? What was yours?

A woman on a beach? Someone in a ballgown or on the red carpet? A desk? I originally had thought of that – like at the start of this blog post for instance.

We all have different ideas on what success is.

The image for me changed pretty quickly after reading other peoples responses. I was no longer looking for the perfect ‘ideal’ of wealth or faux happiness. I was looking for the image that described happiness to me. Someone relaxed, out of the run-of-the-mill life and doing something positive.

Don’t look at celebrities or the wealthy for an image of success, look at what you’re happy with currently and try to surround yourself in more of it. Become more successful in being happy.

Gosh – I miss my tan.


I am utterly happy in everything I do. There are moments where I wished I was a little bit more toned and that I made better choices but I never dwell on them. I’m never down for too long. I run, I eat and I laugh.

My choices are a direct impact of how I am feeling in that moment and each moment passes quickly. I’m happy to say for the most part I have been happy and I am a happy person. Writing is my passion, not a lot of people can really say ‘they’re happy’ or they’re ‘passionate’ about something. Which makes every spare moment I can freely spend on writing all the more important.

I’m proud of my family and I love the relationships I have with each. Distant relatives and friends that I know will always support me because they know that I am happy doing…whatever it is that takes my fancy that day.

I am a fleeting moment in my own life, I change my mind whenever I please and that’s what pleases me most. Have you taken time to be happy today?

Show your success. Smile.


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What one word that describes success? To me it is 'realisation' here's why...

Amy-May Hunt

16 comments on “What does the word ‘success’ mean to you?”

  1. Succes is, for me, something for myself. Accomplishing what I want and be happy with it. t’s not in money or status. But in happiness and personal goals! Inspirational read!

  2. Your mindset surrounding success is spot on. So many people think that wealth/power/a certain lifestyle/losing a certain amount of weight precedes happiness when in fact, it has to be the other way round. You have to be content and happy with the moment you’re in, while working towards what you ultimately desire. And of course, that end goal is highly subjective in itself. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts – I loved reading this as it aligns so much with my own outlook on life. <3

  3. I strongly agree with you. Success is really a realisation. Once we realise that we achieved numerous things in life, and once we start counting them, we will instantly realise that success doesn’t only mean being popular, rich and famous. A success is a kind of an inner state of mind. 🙂

  4. For me success is being truly happy doing what I love and what I am proud of, sharing life with likeminded people and earning more money than I actually spend. Ok, I don’t know how to express success in one word :O but that’s my one success describing sentence. 🙂
    Lovely post, I reallt enjoyed it!

  5. I think success is defiantly different for everyone, it sure is for me and my partner. I find some success by setting myself little goals and achieving them

  6. I think success can change at the drop of a hat. What I thought I needed to succeed a few years ago is not what I think now. Maybe it’s because of my kids but my whole life I’ve never really known, I guess I’m successful if I’m happy?! Great post really gets you thinking.

  7. I think that success is such a personal thing. What is successful to one may not be successful to another. The one word that describes success to me is acceptance. Once you can accept that success is immeasurable, you can succeed.

    • Brilliant Answer Laura. Acceptance is a lot like realisation (though acceptance sounds nicer come to think of it!) We should accept/realise/understand that success is in the eye of the beholder.

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