I’m sure in the seven years I’ve been writing, I have used the term ‘foodie’ more than I care to accept. One search in my websites search box and it’ll pop-up in several posts about my personal preferences.

I actively call(ed) myself a foodie for several years. Over the last few days, the idea of being a ‘foodie’ is something I’d like to distance myself from.

Foodie – Food Enthusiast.

Example:A foodie is a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food and who eats food not out of hunger but due to his interest and hobby . A foodie seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger.

What the last six years have taught me, but what I never really took notice of is, everyone enjoys food. Whether or not it’s the right type of food they enjoy, is another matter.

Let’s talk about that.

The two types of ‘foodies’.

Foodies who enjoy eating and foodies who enjoy their food.

Understanding the term ‘foodie’ as a person who enjoys their food is someone who feels real enjoyment of the flavours, presentation and quality of their food. A foodie who enjoys eating is someone who relishes the idea of eating, eating anything…. (mm relish).

For the past seven years I had identified as a foodie but I had a hard time accepting that I was a foodie who just loved to eat. During my lowest points of my eating disorder I would select to just eat, constantly and then develop into binging and purging as food was too ‘valuable’ to me to stop eating.

I had detached myself to the real value of food. Even after my bulimia and my nutritional education. I was rewarding myself with food to nourish my body, and convincing myself that eating high quality foods were fine if they were low calorie and I could continue eating large portions.

The true value of food only really is brought to my attention when I am restricted from it.

I.E. I’m currently, I’m sitting at my desk at work on a very snowy and quiet Friday. The phones are silent and the emails aren’t coming through. In my morning rush through the snow I didn’t pick up breakfast, so instead of filling my stomach up, I’m unintentionally intermittent fasting. Which isn’t a dreadful thing for my digestive system but it definitely reminded me I AM NOT GOING TO STARVE IF I MISS A MEAL.

So why do I eat, constantly? – Because I ‘love food’ or because I ‘love eating’. I guess the answer to that question has become apparent.

I am AN EATER. I don’t love food. I don’t love nutrition. I eat because I love to eat. I have spent today (now saturday) creating meals for the week that are smaller portions but fully nutritionally complete, like most saturdays. But, as I’m an eater I have planned 2 breakfasts, a small lunch and a large dinner. But it’s ok – I’m going to ‘burn it off’.

How to identify your eating habits;

  1. Do you rely on constant meals. Breakfast lunch and dinner (with snacks).
  2. If you miss a meal..You don’t miss any meals.
  3. You are constantly thinking about food and planning your next meal.
  4. Instagram is your best friend.
  5. Burning your food off has become part of your routine.

If you sound like you fall into the same category as me, an ‘eater’. Then you need to look at why you’re eating constantly. The first big thing to look at, are you drinking enough water? Could it be that your meals aren’t large enough? Are you eating the right foods? Enough fats, enough proteins. There are loads of reasons you might eating constantly, it could just be a habit for you.

Try some of these tasks to create a healthier routine for eating;

Upset your routine – Habitually eating means your Ghrelin is constantly working (telling your stomach it’s hungry). We’re programmed to expect food at ‘regular’ intervals. So distrupting the pattern will delay the ghrelin pattern.

Eat larger portions – Eating smaller meals more frequently may seem pro-active but you’re actually telling your body ‘ I don’t get enough food, regularly’ Instead, tell your body “I am fully nourished” by eating large meals a few times a day.

Drink more water – Yep. This one again. I won’t explain. Just drink it.

Eat real foodFood that nourishes your body and doesn’t just ‘sustain’ it.

There are so many positive reasons to being aware of what you’re eating, when you’re eating and how your body reacts to not eating. So, make sure you are completely aware of what you’re consuming and enjoy it!

Have a wonderful day,




Amy-May Hunt

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