Start a home gym – Sounds too good to be true, sounds costly…it really doesn’t have to be!

I have set up a great home gym for less than £70.

All of my workouts can now be done at home (minus my 5k’s once a week) and I have enjoyed creating my own workout plans that can be done in less than 20 minutes too!

No more – Packing a bag, driving to a gym, getting set up, waiting for machines, cleaning the machines after myself or rushing around trying to find the next machine to work on. It takes far to long to go to a gym, not to mention the expense!

The average Gym membership costs around £20-£30 per month – No thank you!

What do you need for a home gym?

Really, you can have whatever you want. If you enjoy yoga; get a yoga Mat and maybe a few resistants bands! Get what suits you, but as you know, I advise weight training and intensive workouts so, here are my suggestions for that!

Dumbells in at least two sizes

I would advise picking a small weight that you can easily do 15+ Bicep curls with and a larger weight that you struggle to get to 8-10 with. Test them out in the store to see what suits you. Possibly a 6lb weight and a 11lb weight give or take. Here are some light dumbells.

One Heavy Dumbell/Kettlebell

This can be very useful for squats, flute focuses or one-hand focuses for strength training. Dumbell above 15lbs or a barbell can be over 18lbs as it’s more stable to control for beginners wanting to lift heavier weights than their dumbells.10kg Dumbbells Weight Set

If you have space get a barbell for more versatile training.

Skipping rope

Skipping is a great way to lose weight! Lift your heart rate up with this simple and effective exercise, for years it has been used by boxers and athletes. They’re super lightweight and portable and cheap too! Speed Rope Skipping Ropes can be used to test jumping distances and for cardio warm ups too.

Bonus buys:
Yoga Mat – A comfortable and padded (important) yoga mat. I would suggest getting a minimum of 10mm for a yoga matt. Even if you’re not one for yoga it can come in handy for cardio and strength training, easing the burden on your feet and preventing injury. I use my Extra Thick Yoga Matfor running on the spot and warm ups to prevent my stone bruising injury from returning.

Exercise Bands – Again another great buy for multiple reasons; You can use them for glute focused and arm workouts attach them to doors and solid structures and use them as rowing ropes.

Pull up bar – Great for upper body workouts. You can alter the level of the bar for different types of workouts!


These are just a few quick suggestions to spruce up your home workouts. Try alternating cardio intervals with your weights for a HIIT style workout and enjoy yourself!


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Amy-May Hunt

3 comments on “The three things you need to start a home-gym”

  1. I’m so glad I read this post today! I’m starting back exercising next week and I find it easier to exercise at home. I think I’ll buy myself some Dunbells!

  2. I have these at home. Some days when I can’t get to the gym I will do a little bit at home, including weight training. This is a great post, it tells people that you don’t need a gym membership to get fit which is the excuse a lot of people use..xo

    Pinar |

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