Which means, new workout gear (also – my old leggings have a thumb-sized hole in the bum) so it’s more a necessity to buy new workout gear than a ‘luxury’. Aside from that, I have been raining in my budget so I can afford a new phone, camera, laptop…basically everything is breaking around me so I’m trying not to overspend at the moment.

Let’s window-shop, shall we?

1) I have always loved VS but this is a High Impact sports bra….without wires?! So I’m super hyped at how well fitted this will be! Victorias secret pink bra – 48.78

2) Well, it is Autumn – not so much a ‘fitness’ must but after a hard session in the gym, it’s nice to have a warm jumper to snuggle in. From Superdry £45.

3) When in doubt, workout! I have a tee similar to this but it’s cropped so I can’t really wear it in the gym. I NEED this one instead 🙂 Newlook £4!!

4) I don’t NEED a light pair of leggings ( I need winter ones really) but these are too cute to pass up. They’re less than £20 H&M leggings £19.99

5) I’m really trying to get myself into a gym this month. Wireless earphones are a must-have when you don’t want to hear yourself out-of-breath doing squats. These are pretty pricey but they’re some of the best wireless earbuds on the market this yearJaybird X2 in Ear Headphones £67

6) I will never buy anything other than sketchers when it comes to trail running, they’re flexible and the only sport shoe that has memory foam that is thick enough to work! Essential buy – and I need new trainers. My black ones are so gross now. Sketchers Synergy half-time Flex are £64.95

7) A must-have for those who want to activate glutes at the gym (or in your home-gym) without flailing around. I’ve also seen people use these are wrist supports so that’s a double whammy. You can buy these pretty much anywhere so I won’t link to a specific brand.

8) Would you take a look at this duffle bag?! – I initially spotted it on Pinterest but it’s too gorgeous. I need it! £55 from Vooray.

9) ok – so this isn’t a ‘wish’ this is more of a recommendation. I have 2 of these jackets already but they’re by far the best purchase I have ever made in terms of my fitness clothing. I wear these to run in every week and on cold strength days, I wear them in my ‘home-gym’ in the garden (it’s essential!). H&M 24.99


That’s it for my list – I could go on, I really could. But style is down to personal taste I just wanted to share these with you, a few of them I regularly buy from them but a few are completely new to me this month. During my searches for new gym-stuff to go with my new gym! So I’m hoping they’re new to you and inspire you to treat yourself (to re-motivate yourself) into getting back into health and wellness.

Have a fabulous week,



Amy-May Hunt

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  1. I’ve recent brought myself some proper running shoes as I’m doing a lot more distances. I’ve also got some lights as it’s getting darker. I’ve got a similar jacket to your H&M one and they are so warm and comfy x

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