What I eat in a day is changing every day most of my days aren’t a traditional 3 meal plan. Some day’s I start eating at 1pm (normally an intermittent fasting day) and other days I eat at 7 am. I’m a getup and eat kinda-gal, hungry before I’m even properly awake.

Depending on what my day has in store for me, my food and my eating habits change. Today’s record is a non-fasting day.

 8.30 AM

I Drink coffee and officially start my day. Yeah I know, I’m a walking judgement. I will always tell people to start their day with water but actually 5/7 days I’m having a coffee to start my day. A large mug with 1 and a bit TSP of sugar and a dash of sweetened almond milk to start me off.

I normally sip my coffee whilst checking my emails and twitter and simultaneously watching BBC Breakfast (the other day there was a panther on the red sofa, it’s unmissable telly!)

9 AM

Who am I kidding? Breakfast can’t wait any longer than an hour after I’ve woken up. Today (like most day’s) it’s all about Waffles.

I typically defrost a chocolate protein waffle (Recipe here!)  it takes 5 minutes to defrost and I usually have time to make some blackberry and raspberry ‘nice cream’ with a sprinkle of mixed fruit and nuts for texture. I can devour this in about 5 minutes and most of the time forget to take photos for Instagram – Whoopsie.


10 AM

I like to start my workout before 10 am and on fasting days I’ll workout at 8.30 or even 9 am but today I started at 10 AM. I had some emails that needed seeing to and I hadn’t scheduled ANY work for the day, so I was behind a tiny bit.

I typically do a fitness blender cardio workout for 10-15 minutes then a strength training session. Today was 15 minutes of cardio with an upper body strength session. I love strength training!

If you want a reason to buy yourself a home-gym. I have several reasons why strength training needs to be on your workout list. I also have a FREE monthly food & fit plan that goes out every month (for subscribers only).  It’s a monthly email that covers a whole-foods diet plan and fairly simple ‘add your own’ recipes section, so it’s really simple for anyone to follow. It also includes a fitness plan which has 4-5 workouts to complete for the month with monthly trackers so you can write down your performance and track your food and water.

September’s plan is FREE and open., Think of it as a taster of a plan you might get.

12 PM

Grab some lunch!
After training, showering and getting ready for my day (including sorting my messy desk out). I grab something yummy to eat. Most of the time it’s something cold, like a bowl of museli or a smoothie, but today I had spiced tofu wrap! Super rare for me, as I always forget to buy tofu, and I eat wraps only really on occasion, but I made my own veganaise ( I’ll follow up with a recipe) it was really nice!

1 PM

Getting down to business.

I spend the afternoon working on the website until 3 pm; Updating SEO, re-writing old content and creating new content for brands and for my social media networks (I’ve just become a freelance-writer so I’m trying to squeeze in 3 hours of freelance writing for other companies a day!)

I try my best to update my twitter and Instagram each day but when my 1pm-3pm time is taken up with baking or other things these are the days where my social media channels take the hit.

2 PM

Very Mundane – From 3 pm until half 4 I do housework! Mostly tidying the kitchen from the chaos of my parents coming home for lunch.

However, I have recently started work so when I’m working evenings I’ll leave the house at 2pm and I eat something sweet from one of my recipes (I have so much cake and leftover brownies in my freezer!) and I’ll snack on any extra so I’m not hungry #hungry girl problems. Typically Tuesday’s Friday’s & Saturday’s) I have to switch up my routine so that my day’s routine happens but from 3pm-9pm instead of 8am-3pm.

Today – I worked. 

It’s a retail job in a fashion store so I’m on my feet for 4-5 hours and carrying racks of clothing. It’s not the calorie burn or strength training I’m used to but I’m fairly certain I’m burning 300+ Calories.

That extra slice of cake? You bet I’m having that on a workday.


8 PM

If I’m working, like today, I will eat this normally means eating on the bus at 8PM (as I still haven’t passed my driving test!). Yup – like a weirdo eating a container of spicy pasta at the back of the bus but I’m hungry and there’s nothing a bus full of people can do to stop me. If It’s not old spiced veggie pasta I’ve been eating Evexia GF Vegan Pasta which makes me feel so much better than other pasta’s I’ve tried before. (I prepare my day in advance – meal prep!) then it’ll be a veggie mix; peppers, mushrooms, sweet potato with something sweet like an Alpro chocolate pot.

If I’m not working, really, I eat a mixture of things. My golden rule is it must include at least 3-veg, which isn’t hard but when I want to be naughty it makes me feel better about my food choices. Most dinners are on my Instagram but to summarise I eat; A lot of veg curries, Mexican burritos, spag bol and Stir Fry’s – on a loop.

 I’ll be freelancing from 7pm-9pm; creating a ‘pitch’ list for brands and writing up draft content ready to be published for the next day. I also spend some evenings pinning ‘item’s for the week in case plans have changed.

Did you see my meal prep last week?


Home & Meal Prep! If I’ve had a dinner that can be nicely saved for a workday lunch then I will save some but some day’s it’s unavoidable that I need to meal-prep so I’ll make a decaf whilst I’m fiddling around in the kitchen and probably send a witty tweet about my food.


If I haven’t worked out I’ll do some light stretches (which have been known to turn into glute activators or even full upper body strength training). But most of the time I will roll into bed with a decaf in hand and check my twitter; like and follow some other bloggers or vegans. I really try to stay active on twitter as much as possible so people I know I’m a real person behind this account and I offer advice as and when on there too.

By 11pm I’m asleep or trying to sleep at least!

To summarise I eat

I enjoy eating whatever takes my fancy that day (which is pretty much the same most days) for Breakfast I’ll eat a big bowl of oats with forest berries or mixed seeds – or both! Some day’s it might be oat pancakes with PB & Nutella. Lunch really is a mystery to me, I eat whatever is in the house; soups, salad wraps, noodle bowls with some steamed spiralised veg, some days I’ll even have a breakfast meal like a waffle or museli bowl.

The idea is ‘I’m not limited -I’m selective’ I choose whatever I like to eat and make most of my meals as nutritionally complete as possible.

People might think of Vegan choices as being limited but think about your monthly menu, how often do the same foods pop-up? Weekly? Twice-weekly? when eating, you tend to lean towards what makes you happy, regardless of a number of choices surrounding you so choose the healthiest options for you and make sure you surround yourself in those. Don’t limit your food. Select it.


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Amy-May Hunt

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