Today I’m baby sitting my baby nephew William, part of the Simkiss clan. He’s seven months old and has a smile that will melt any ones heart.

I only found out two days ago, It was sort of sprung on me. Everyone’s been busy with the last few weeks of school term so It’s understandable. My first thoughts were worry, not because I’m incapable but because I’ve not done ‘baby’ sitting since my nieces were little, four years ago! I’ve looked after toddlers and the kids, I do it most weekends.

But..babies, what do you with them?!

Today you woke up at 8.15, had a proper lie-in. Lazy wats-it!A day with william

We got up and had breakfast together, there were no baby breakfast jars so I gave you a Weetabix around 9, I googled it before giving it to you. Don’t worry, ‘I got your back’. You made a horrendous mess, every spoonful you’d put your hand in and scrape it back out! Don’t even get me started on clean up, I couldn’t put the wipe near you without you screaming the house down. I think you must’ve still been hungry and the wipe meant you weren’t getting anything else.

I understand. The end of a meal makes me want to cry too.

I spotted a list your mum had left, it said to give you half a Weetabix (greedy), and then a bottle and a bum change, so I did your bum straight after your Weetabix and then gave you your bottle at 10.10. You went straight off to sleep, a whole hour. You weren’t supposed to sleep until 1 so I woke you up, instead of leaving you until you woke up yourself.
Meanwhile… I hung out some washing,put a new wash in and folded up the dry things from yesterday, I also snook in some scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee! By 11.15 you’d woken up so we snook up stairs before grandad came home from work. You played on the floor with a soft stress ball toy, it was the only thing soft enough for you to teeth on but you loved it. I did some exercises whilst you dragged yourself across my bedroom floor, you’re not quite ready for crawling yet but you’re doing pretty damn well! Every squat jump I did left you giggling, which is always great encouragement for weight loss!

At 12.30 It was time for some lunch, cheesy pasta sound good? I hope so! You wolfed it down! Uncle Daniel came for a quick cuddle whilst I was sorting your lunch out and you were in awe of him. It could be the deep voice, who knows? but you stared at him the whole time. Lunch clean up was a lot better, lunch and bum before your bottle.

The time table said you should be going for another nap at 1 and the bottle had you closing your eyes but…I spent the next 2 hours fighting you. You went straight down after the bottle so whilst I put that back in the kitchen I thought you’d be drifting into your deep sleep, Boy was I wrong. You were bolt up right giggling at me. Over the next few hours, I could tell you were tired, you were getting fidgety and starting to be a bit upset with your teeth. You had bonjela and some cuddles from granddad but nothing helped.Your eyes were so heavy but everything I did you just wouldn’t go to sleep. Naughty!

It took until 3pm for your 1pm nap, just you wait until nanny gets home! I’m off to Tom’s for 6 hours and nanny and grandad are having you in their room over the night time, sleep tight little man.

See you in the morning!



Amy-May Hunt

14 comments on “My first day with William – A letter to you”

  1. These look so good, I applaud you for making something look so beautiful and also be more or less guilt-free. I would never have thought of using carrot either! X

  2. These look brilliant. I have not eaten cakes/chocolate/biscuits/sweet things with refined sugar in for almost a year now and am always looking for healthy treats. I wonder if you could replace the cocoa powder with raw cacao instead? Love the idea of using carrot puree in it too.

    • Oh good! I’ve not been eating refined sugar for 8 months now too, It’s been a great transition for me!
      Yeah that’d be fine to swap! I try and use readily available ingredients on the site (for an easy transition into healthy eating).
      If you replaced it with raw cocoa it’d have even more benefits for you, not to mention a thicker texture! I hope you try it and let me know!

  3. These sound delicious! I’m gf and I’ve heard of making brownies with black beans and was always wary of that…this recipe actually sounds good though!

    • I’ve seen that recipe too, one of the recipes that inspired me for an alternative.
      I’m a fan of avacado but they seemed watery and the rest used coconut flour/almond flour and a thousand other ingredients. I hope this one is simple enough to follow easily.

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