My glasses arrived! Mid June, so just in time for the summer fun! I have been gifted them to review from the GlassesShop company. So I can give you my complete and honest review.

My Sexy New Glasses:

These are the glasses I selected: Pangnirtung Rectangle – Black as you can see they’re great in the pictures, but what does the website show of that?
They only have photoshopped glasses onto models faces so the trust in the brand is worrying, before selecting my glasses I was left wondering what will they actually look like when they arrive?

Pangnirtung Rectangle glasses cost: $39.95 (£25.57)

The Quick review:
Just a quick summary of pros and cons, what did I think of the glasses shop? (for the full review scroll to “the long ass opinion”)


  • The price is pretty damn good, no one can offer Cheap glasses with prescriptions for those prices!.
  • They have special offers on new buyers 15% off ( I have a code for you that gives 20% off)
  • The styles were on trend and they also have a good selection of sunglasses tint lenses and ‘photochromic’ options for any and all glasses, that’s pretty good!
  • Quality of the case, quality of the glasses. Whilst the case doesn’t really matter it’s nice to have a good looking case to put your new glasses into.
  • There weren’t too many styles to choose from, a tonne of colours but all of the glasses seemed very similar.
  • The order processing took a while, as they’re personalised prescription, when they arrived they had the words “Dupont Sney” written on the inside.
My honest (long ass) opinion:I’m really happy with my glasses, as you can tell from the video! They’re good quality, they frame my face perfectly and they are cheap and cheerful, what more can you want from a cheap glasses company?

“The prescription is perfect, they took everything into account” – I had worn them for an hour and have loved them since.

The quality of the prescription (from an online shop!) was just amazing, I thought maybe they’d be too strong or not quite right, but they were really brilliant, I found myself wearing them to workout in, because who wants to look sexy when they work out, everyone!
As I said above though, “I was left wondering what will they actually look like when they arrive?” there was no information on the website that explained what they would look like, no description, no ‘real’ photos of people wearing them.
To think they’re a ‘cheap shop’ really didn’t come into my head once I had gotten used to them, for £25 the quality really isn’t an issue, they’re sturdy and have some detailing, I could never find a company that will give me a prescription for anything less, let alone a good looking pair of frames too.

“They fit your face perfectly” – My mum said, and they’re the first website to have taken my full face profiling information to match the frames to suit me perfectly, my sister has a similar profile to me and yet they still suit me better, they were designed for me in mind, I love that.

However, I am a blogger, and as such I was able to review the glasses by payment of the glasses, I waited for six weeks with no contact after ordering my glasses and then waited another week for the glasses to arrive (after finding that six weeks they hadn’t even been processed).
Also, in their email to me they explained “we are American-based, however, the glasses came from china, all of the stamping and signing is from china is that why they took so long to arrive?
(again that fine as long as the quality is of standard it just felt sketchy).
Which also explains why they had written on the inside, I assume it’s the name of the original manufacturer, however, the picture on the website doesn’t have the writing.
I feel like their communication was really lacking with me, they didn’t respond to me for weeks on end and kept dragging out the process, they did apologise for the delays, as it is peak season and they’re all personalised.
Now, as they’re offering a really good and affordable service, if you need good-looking prescription eyeglasses for a great price (less then £30!), then yes, by all means, order these!
You won’t find better on the market for this price, I’ve had so many compliments from friends and family with my new glasses. 

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