I Love reviewing things.

Not only does giving a product to a blogger, or reviewer, show that a brand is confident in their product, it also shows they’re trusting me as a blogger, to put a real and honest review out for their product. I spotted an advert for these only a few weeks ago and they’re quickly becoming the new fitness trend!


 Arla Protein Yoghurts

The product, which can be found in almost all stores; Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys etc.. come in three flavours.  Strawberry, Blueberry and Raspberry. Each pot 200g and RRP for £1.25 (buy 3 get one-half price) so they’re a bit pricey for a ‘typical’ yoghurt, however, they do pack a punch for the price.

Nutritional information. Strawberry flavour:
Per 200g
Energy 580kJ/140 kcal
Fat 0.4 g
Of which saturates 0.2g
Carbohydrates 13 g
Of which sugars 13.6g
Protein 20 g
Salt 0.2g

On my weekly shop, I decided to try these, quark yoghurt out. They come in three flavours so naturally, I had to try them all. First of all, when you buy these, you’ll notice the price tag because I can’t justify buying 200g of a one serving yoghurt that is £1.25.

If you’re a yoghurt lover, you’ll know that a 500g tub of Greek yoghurt is less than £1 and yes, whilst they don’t have added protein and low-fat properties,  most people are willing to forgo that for the price difference.

My second point isn’t a negative really, just a bit of a nag, the tub is too big for one serving. Meaning I either have to eat the whole pot in one sitting or cover it up and put it in the fridge until I can eat the restI love small meals, I snack after my workouts throughout the day and love to graze. I could eat the entire tub but it feels wrong to eat such a large amount of a ‘healthy’ product.

There’s more than enough protein in one serving. I think for an average person with an average diet these probably have more protein than necessary. Smaller portions would equal almost 40% of your recommended protein for the day so they could shrink the pots and still give you a great portion of protein. For me, I’d rather pay the same price for smaller servings and have 10g of protein (still way more than a regular yoghurt).

My third point is about the texture, whilst it is made with ‘quark’ an alternative to ordinary yoghurt, you can tell after the first mouthful it’s not an ordinary yoghurt, it has almost a drying sensation on the tongue (it’s not too noticeable) but it’s definitely not silky like an ordinary yoghurt.

What is Quark?

Quark is a dairy product that has reduced fat and is processed to remove additional sugars, fats and leaves in the protein amino. Leading to thick and creamy textures high protein dairy product. It’s typically used in cream cheeses and yoghurts. Quark, as a protein supplement can be used to repair muscle damage and help after a workout it needs to be almost liquid for to absorb straight away, and shakes (as they have preservatives and sugar) are an unnatural way of doing that. 

Quark is high in protein ‘liquid’ that is natural for repairing muscles.

Fill up on protein and good fats after a nice workout session. Whether it be yoga or weight training, that pick-me-up is always the best feeling after a good sweat sesh.It goes with my top tips for achieving your health and fitness goals (without feeling guilty)

What did I really think of it?

I think it’s great, for the protein aspect – people wanting to add more protein into their diet (although most western diets don’t need it). The yoghurt is thick and creamy, they’re not too sharp tasting, they have a hint of fruit in them but they’re more like a decadent creamy dessert.

In all honesty?

I think they’re great when frozen and blended to create an amazing high-protein ice cream, it’s what I did with them, I think they’re lovelier as an ice cream. For that, I’d pay a little bit extra in my yoghurt since it covers a protein supplement, they charge a tonne for supplements now-er days.

I think, whilst the size is big, It packs a lot of punch and tastes pretty good so I’m happy with that too. I don’t really have anything negative to say about it, maybe some improvements, but if they used my suggestions it would probably lose it’s protein content and that’s really the point of the product. It offers a service and delivers it.

So.. if you want protein in your diet without drinking shakes every five minutes, buy some Arla. If you want more nutritional information pop over to my nutritional guides OR subscribe to me in the sidebar to learn more each week!



4 comments on “An Honest Review Of :Arla Protein Yoghurt; Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry.”

  1. It has virtually no taste and a complete waste of money. I work out twice a day and bought this as a change to my protein shakes however, all of my shakes have a lot more flavour than this bland gunge. Without doubt the worst tasting yogurts that I have ever had. I bought seven and five of them have ended up in the bin.

  2. I think it really thick and creamy, strong taste but lovely , found it quite filling so I prefer to just have half pot I’d say people who are active etc you need all of the 20g protein but half tub for someone who is not as active etc but I really belive it makes you feel that bit better and it don’t take two long to feel how good it can make you feel it is quite think like cheese spread may put some off but you be suprised how nice and how much punch it can actually give you recommend 10,10

  3. absolutely vile! this is the only way to describe this stuff which I bought thinking it was a luxury yogurt & would be full of fruit as per the packaging.

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