I retyped this starting sentence three-times. Wracking my brain as to what I could possibly write to explain being MIA for over a year.

Honestly? I was petrified to come back to my website and see it sat here with cobwebs on it, the comment-less posts and drastic view drops.

The problem I’ve faced for the entire year is fear.

Fear that my readers had forgotten who I was and what I stood for, fear that the hard work and personal compromises I had made, for over seven years, had been wiped out, and that my ‘social-climb’ had been for nothing.

It really pained me to stay away, I purposely haven’t used my blogging laptop because all of my tabs are blog-ideas, other blogs, inspirational messages and schedules, reminding me of the long-hours it took to create ‘PurelyAmy’.

But, I loved every second of it.

Detailing my thoughts and feelings on a site, my site, my own space in the world.

I worked (and hell yes I will call it work) those long days, missed social events, and shared every waking moment with the readers of my site because I wanted to showcase myself. To become a writer, content creator or ‘full-time freelance’. Last year I achieved something similar to that, making me extremely happy, but in the same breath, it took my time up completely. 

No more writing.

But, in achieving what I set out to. I really did make that small dream come true.

Seven years of blogging gave me a full-time job I love.

So why am I unhappy to not be on my website anymore? – I think I felt like I had betrayed everyone who had commented, shared, or followed me. That they had vested their time in my thoughts and ideas and I had abandoned them for my own sake (and I guess I did).

But my work will always be here as a place-holder for those people who are struggling to find their way in health & fitness but in terms of my own personal next steps.

The website is going through a new change.

I have always been a writer. And to stop my writing, because I can’t keep up with the detailed information and research that health & fitness blogging requires (I mean weeks of research and data collecting to write a blog-post like this), is absolutely ludicrous! 

I am keeping the platform and changing my pace, doing what I want to use this space for again and going back to basics.

No more social media scheduling; my facebook page and twitter will be just space for me to share personal posts with you. No more health and fitness posts; unless it’s a personal update with relevance to your own health.

This space is now a lifestyle blog (just like everyone else!) and finally, I am really ok with that.


New blog post coming….

Soon – Probably.

Amy-May Hunt

Pop a comment, let me know what you think..