New year, new trends, right?

Well, in the world of fitness, it’s not necessarily all about new trends; but continuing to advance and tweak growing movements to attract a wider audience. Generally, the last few years have been marked by a different, more mindful approach towards physical activity. We covered this last year with “fitness trends for 2017” though workout styles and health advice is ever changing. 2018 is no exception!

We are more and more aware of the benefits physical activity brings to our lives, which is why more people are interested in maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. But it’s not just about being active; it’s also about learning how to be more patient with ourselves and how to enjoy different settings and situations when it comes to our workout routine.

Listed below are some of the most popular and slightly unconventional fitness trends you’re most likely to see and experience this year; and they’re growing in popularity all the time.

#1: Group Training

When you do your workout routine as part of a group, you are more motivated and less likely to give up.

It seems that 2018 finally managed to convey the message science has been shouting at us for years. This will be the year when people will focus more on working in groups, with friends or acquaintances because it is more beneficial than simply going to the gym or working out alone.
But it’s not just about motivation. Recent studies show that doing group training is a way to reduce stress and get more social which leads to an improved emotional state of mind.

#2: Low-Cost Workouts

As the market is flooded with low-cost apps, wearables, and all sorts of video & live stream fitness classes, the idea of spending lots of money on a gym membership fades away. Yes, there may be benefits to going to the gym, like the professional equipment, but even this can be obtained at a low cost by using services like

With technology and the accessibility of equipment, you can easily have your home gym without spending an arm and a leg. There is so much information readily available that the idea of a gym is slowly becoming obsolete.

#3: Yoga

If Yoga is nothing more than a light series of stretches and weird poses, then you should refresh your knowledge on the matter.

Yoga was a powerful trend in 2017, but it is still going strong in 2018. The multitude of moves and the amazing power it awakens in every practitioner, make this one of the most sought-after trends. Furthermore, Yoga is constantly changing, bringing new ideas into the daily routine so you can never get bored.

#4: Fitness for Seniors

As the current generation of seniors changes, so do their priorities. In 2018, there will be more fitness programs designed to cover the needs of our senior generation as the interest in staying active is higher.

The benefits are impressive and scientific studies show that keeping up with your fitness routine into old age is amazing for both mental stability and general health.

#5: Functional Fitness

If you’re not familiar with the concept, it’s a combination of strength training and other types of exercises that help you get better at daily activities. For instance, if you are a person who works in a warehouse, stacking goods, you’ll do functional fitness to strengthen the muscles that help you be more efficient at this.

The idea is to help you feel strong and capable in the areas of life that are most relevant to you. And your training routine should be centred around this.

#6: Home Gyms

I don’t mean having a fully-equipped home gym that you might find in the homes of the rich and famous. But it is about having the right equipment readily available at home, without having to empty your bank account for it.

The idea of hiring equipment is spreading rapidly because it’s low-cost and allows you to rotate between a variety of machines. For instance, hiring concept 2 rowers like here could be amazing if you tend to work with a partner. It’s fairly simple to switch between other types of equipment like treadmills and cross trainers making it an attractive option.

In Conclusion

2018 will be about focusing our fitness priorities for the best physical and emotional results, without us having to necessarily achieve this in a gym. A variety of activities and sports are becoming more readily available and it should become easier to find a suitable training routine and stick to it.

Bring variety into your routine and try new things. There are so many new and exciting options out there and you might find something that changes your perspective on working out.

Amy-May Hunt

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