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It’s been a while – I haven’t even networked or chatted to you in the last 13 days (yep – I’ve been counting!). My new job is incredible and I’m trying my best to produce the best content for it, whilst being here for you. So, this week I deligated my time to social media so we could chat. Annie has offered to take over the site for this weekend so I could focus my time on being around for your questions (On Quora and Facebook).

Here’s a bit about the Lovely Annie and her blog!

Annie Haile:  Ex -IT geek turned antique dealer now yoga teacher. Owner of @AntiquesAvenue, blogger, boater, cat lover. Mostly vegan.

Yoga Ladies is my blog especially for beginners and those with limitations including overweight, older ladies, and health issues.

Have you tried yoga yet? There’s plenty of buzz about it these days and I’m not surprised. Just a quick look at Instagram show lots of toned lovelies doing Yoga in glamorous settings. It’s great if you can be like that but don’t let those photos put you off. You too can grab yoga’s benefits right now. After 15 years of practising, my only regret not starting sooner. So here are my top 10 reasons to start  yoga in your 20’s

Top 10 reasons to start yoga in your 20’s


1. Yoga makes you look good

You will have better overall muscle tone including areas like your face and neck. Have you seen us yoga girls? Our skin becomes more beautiful and has a more radiant glow. Where it wins out over many other exercises is that it builds long, slim muscles instead of short stubby ones. No fat calves or chunky arms here.

2. Yoga makes you feel good

Depending on the type of yoga you choose there will be a combination of physical postures, breathing exercises and meditation. Put these all together and your body detoxifies, your mind becomes calmer and you have loads more wonderful energy.  Once you build a regular practice you will want more simply for the way yoga makes you feel.

3. You will stay younger for longer

Yoga slows the aging process and helps you keep what you’ve got for longer so start now in your 20’s or 30’and be the best possible you. Imagine having loads of energy and amazing looks not just in 6 months time but in 6 and 60 years too.

4. Loads of new friends

Want more friends? An unexpected side effect of yoga is that it’s quite sociable. During the actual yoga only the teacher speaks but before and after class there are lots of like-minded girls about. I have made wonderful friends this way. You start off discussing the class and how wonderful you are finding the effects. The next thing you know you start putting your mats next to each other every week and discussing which other classes you can go to together.

5. Its cheap

If you are already a gym member yoga classes are usually included in the price you pay. No extra equipment or clothing is required as the gym will provide the yoga mats.

No gym membership then can do yoga at home. Just a small space is needed and a yoga mat, you can usually pick one up for under £10 and they last years. Take a look on YouTube where there are lots of free yoga classes. Please do start with a beginners class though to learn the basics and avoid injury.

6. A good work out without realising it

As you stretch, twist and bend through a class your whole body gets a thorough work-out. Choose a strong flow class and it will be quite aerobic too and all of your joints, muscles, and body tissues are stimulated and invigorated. The great thing is that it doesn’t feel as demanding as going for a long run or an aerobics class.

7. Its fun

You will find yourself in such ridiculous poses that you can’t help but laugh. It can be a bit of playtime. Imagine lying on your back with your arms legs in the air clasping your feet with your hands just like a baby.  You will have your bum in the air in Downward Facing Dog and twist into positions you currently think you cant do ( yes you can but it may take a bit of practice). A bit further on your yoga journey, you can be doing handstands and the wheel which is like the Crab pose we all did at school.

8. Easier to start now

My only regret after 15 years of yoga is that I didn’t start sooner.  Start later then it’s still possible to gain yogas benefits but it’s so much harder and you have to be more dedicated. Start now and you will find it all comes so much easier to you.

9. If you want it can change your life

Now, what shall we do with all the extra energy? Before Yoga, I was a confirmed couch potato most evenings and nothing seemed more interesting than sitting in front of the TV. As my energy grew I took up boating, gained an inland waterways boat master license and have sailed across the channel. I’ve also trained as a Yoga teacher all whilst running my own business. Imagine how your life could change if only you could be bothered.

10. Yoga is for life

In your 20’s you probably don’t care about the years to come preferring to live for the now. Excellent, practicing yoga now will enhance your life now let’s keep it up and your life can be so much better into your older years too. It one form of exercise that we can keep doing as we age as it adapts with us

Are you going to give Yoga a go now? There are loads of different styles and classes to try. It would be great to hear how you get on.

Amy-May Hunt

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