Hi! Yeah, I know it’s not the thing you’d expect from a blog, a shop? I mean..what could she possibly be selling??

The proper stuff

Promo Codes and Affiliate links for fitness, which basically means you get the best deals they’re offering and I get a few pennies per sale. Prices don’t change for you (other than being cheap), I get the small margin from their side.

Clothing;  Gym Shark, Bench


Protein and other goodies

A huge range of proteins, foods and supplements from the very best; My protein, Body Building,


My things;

  • T-Shirts
  • Mugs
  • E-Books
  • Motivational Posters
  • Jewellery

I am, and always will be an entrepreneur at heart. I’ve spent most of my adult life researching items and products to make a living from home. My first start-up business was jewellery making at 16 years old I would spend my weekends (and most of my nights) creating and selling jewellery – See below. After leaving school and starting my blog  I realised that health was what I wanted to do.



Bananalife T-shirt

From Small – XXL because we all need a motivational T-shirt in our lives and they’re not just for the fit. They’re for the get fitters and health-kickers for the fun-lovers and motivational army! They’re are made fully customisable so please pick a colour from your colour options and specify this when placing your order. – Thank you!

Pre-Designed T-Shirts cost £15.99 Each or 2 for £30 Mix & Match!

Previous designs you might like! Or browse my Pinterest boards for inspiration! Or customise your Colour, Font & Text for £15.00

Mugs & Personalised Items

I love customising and personalising items and love receiving them as gifts. This year my sister bought my my very own personalised aprong “PurelyAmy” is now officially a logo on an apron. So, what ever you buy whether it be as a gift or for your self I hope it makes you smile!

Today is going to be awesome;


I motivated myself and studied hard. Getting qualifications in sports nutrition and sports recovery and general health. I wanted to share my information and learn from you along the way. My blog was a side project for me, hopefully, it would be something that would start off my writing career.It didn’t. I wasn’t deterred and eventually published my first E-Book in June 2014

For the Love of Lentils

Questions to ask before starting to lose weight


Motivational Posters

As far as weight loss is concerned motivation and inspiration are key to staying focused and wanting to better yourself. Some times we neglect ourselves when we get distracted by fast food and advertisements. Not with these posters, I have spent weeks researching the most popular slogans and creating classic posters that can be printed out from home to create beautiful wall art or framed pictures. You can see the whole set here.




I jumped in head first and started selling. Not really knowing much about business and profit margins I worked from a tiny desk in my bedroom. Space and time were limited, with studying getting harder and having to import the equipment weekly, I had to close up shop..but I still have most of my equipment and a few bit’s and bobs left. 



Necklace includes printed card with message. £12.99

My personal favourite is the feather, I have two of these; One a long line pendant necklace, around 19″, I wear it with tee’s and high neckline summer dresses. The other is a choker style chain with the pendant at the back, around 6″, I only really wear it for outings wear I have a backless outfit but It’s my favourite from all of the jewellery I’ve made.


wings necklace framed
Necklace includes printed card with message. £9.99


If you can’t find anything you like but still want to support me you can always buy me a coffee!


Everything sold includes P&P, Please specify in your message if you’d prefer to use a bank order or PayPal payment service. All T-shirts are custom- made, please allow up to 14 working days for delivery.